‘How can I ask others to help if I am not helping first?’

Flavio F. Marsiglia: My investment equals impact — and benefits a cause I believe in.

Flavio F. Marsiglia, Distinguished Foundation Professor of Cultural Diversity and Health, Regents Professor Watts College

Why I give

My story

As founder and director of the Global Center for Applied Health Research, I create partnerships with health researchers around the world. I work with universities and communities in Burundi, China, Guatemala, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan and my birthplace, Uruguay.

Why I give

With my giving, I help create opportunities for students from other countries to come here as GCAHR International Research Fellows. We have hosted 14 fellows from nine countries for three months to two years.

What I care about

We cannot make the mistakes of the past and import solutions developed in the rich north and expect that those solutions will be acceptable, effective or sustainable in other contexts.

How I contribute

I give to support the International Research Fellowship Program at the Global Center for Applied Health Research. It’s a great opportunity for global exchange.

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