In the 1960s, Maryvale, Arizona, was a thriving, working-class community. Over the past several decades, the community has struggled with crime and poverty, and its residents have lower levels of education than other areas of Phoenix and in Maricopa County. Mike and Cindy Watts want to restore hope and opportunity.

‘Moving ahead at the speed of trust’

The One Square Mile initiative is a hometown tribute for Mike and Cindy Watts.

With this mandate and the Wattses’ gift, the college began applying ASU’s knowledge and resources to create programs to transform communities nationwide. But one program, the One Square Mile Initiative, starts closer to home: Maryvale.

1. Awareness of and access to health and social services

Supporting community gardens in Cartwright schools

myPlan App for gender-based violence

2. Safe, affordable, accessible ways to get around

Pedestrian Fatalities Research Working Group

3. Opportunities for youth engagement

School and club sports expansion and support

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ASU Foundation, one of Arizona’s oldest nonprofits, raises and invests private contributions to Arizona State University.

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